(Source: weheartit.com)

(Source: weheartit.com)

// zero motivation.//

for three weeks and counting i have fallen out of the gym hype and am wasting my money on not going.. i’ve been eating more and caring less. so what’s a girl to do? let’s see, why was i doing this in the first place? goal: skinnier, healthier me. isn’t that good motivation enough?

// sore body.//

this’ll be a short post - why? i’m so sore. if you haven’t taken a class called, "body pump", i suggest you take one as soon as possible. it’s 30 minutes long, but trust me, it’s worth it. and i am hurting.. plus i did 3 sets of 30 inner thigh workouts (that i haven’t done in a while) with 50-pound weights.. and i’m feeling it..

// start again.//

so after two weeks of failing - i started back up again and went to the gym four days in a row. the last day was a killer - my friend and i tried something new. the elliptical and she’s crazy. she wanted an hour straight and so she did that while i compromised and did half an hour (since i haven’t done it before). and let me tell you, i could feel my quads burning, my calves tightening, and my arms ready to drop.. i started to sweat and actually felt one roll down my chest.. it was grueling. after that was over, my legs were like jello, but i pressed on. i did 150 crunches (3 sets of 50) and did a whole bunch of arm exercises with a 9-pound weight bar. for the other days, it was zumba, body pump, and treadmill..

// 200.//

yesterday, i went to the gym and mostly did arm exercises and upper ab work outs. my magic number was 200, for everything. and i usually go for the 5-pound weights, but someone was using them and i didn’t want to grab the metal ones.. so i opted for the 3-pound weights instead. but i guess that’s why i upped the reps. and i gotta tell you - even though it was a light weight, i am somewhat sore from those exercises! and as for my upper abs.. i didn’t really feel the soreness.. but i definitely got to work on my lower abs. after all that though - i just went on the treadmill for 3 laps. it was a short work out - but at least it’s something, right?

10 Minute Ab Workout

like most people - obliterating the fat on my abs has got to be the first thing to go.. and so with the mike chang style workout, i’m adding this routine as well. i have completed 1 month already.. 9 more months to go!

this actually looks good to eat..

this actually looks good to eat..

A journey of sweat, tears, and complaints about working hard to lose weight. This is my progress from start to the rest of my existence.